About Us

We are a team who is passionate about improving ‘later living’ environments and ”lives”.

Our team is focused on the individual in the communities and activities we create, with the aim of them having a joyful and rewarding experience across their journey with us.

Our people combine a unique expertise to deliver an “end to end” solution that aims to surpass all expectations.

The EspritdeVie programs include design development expertise, advising in the establishment of various operating models, management agreement for the running of resident facilities, specialist cognitive programs via the Hoffmann Methodology from Spain and numerous other international recognized activities.

Our many years of experience in the later living sector combined with market leading design and innovative ageing wellness programs create world class environments for elders to enjoy “esprit de vie”; the spirit of life.

it is this unique wholistic approach, underpinned by programmed asset management that sets us apart in the marketplace.